3 breakfast tips for a better body

February 18, 2016

Good morning! Jou San in Cantonese! I have 3 breakfast tips for a better body composition and fat burning so you can have a leaner, meaner and healthier you. We all know by now that diets simply don’t work, but making long lasting sustainable changes for life does. Whatever positive changes you make to improve your health, do them for the rest of your life and you may live a longer and better quality life.

In today’s #ZoNutritious broadcast I share my favorite breakfasts that you can also try at home. When we decide to opt for the “no crap diet” (i.e. cutting out processed and junk food), sometimes we are a little lost at breakfast time. What? No more bagels, muffins and pancakes? It isn’t as bad as you think and your body will get used to anything. And when you stop focusing on what you cannot have and start focusing on the amazing foods that you CAN have, everything changes.

My all time favorite quick breakfast on the go is my protein power green smoothie. See the image below for all the ingredients that I pop into the blender. Don’t forget to add ice cubes or use freshly frozen fruit or veg to keep the smoothie nice and cool. I add the chia seeds after I blend and wait 15 minutes for them to blow up giving my shake a thicker consistency.

Please read labels when buying your protein powder, because most of them contain too much added sugar and other ingredients you just can’t even pronounce. I like to stick to the vegan proteins like the TR90 Green Shake* which contains everything green and healthy from chlorella to spirulina to broccoli. Drinking only plain protein shakes isn’t as healthful as getting the nutrient from whole foods, so I use it as a supplement, NOT a replacement. Include fresh (preferably organic) fruit and/or vegetables in your protein shakes. The powder is there to give you a boost of protein without adding milk or having to drink 5 glasses of shake to get the protein you need in from solely a vegan source.

Thank you all for popping in today and sharing your tips too. I love the interaction on these live streams and learn a lot from you too. See you soon!

Disclaimer: I don’t propose any diet or fad, I simply share what I believe is clean healthy eating and food that works for me and my body. Depending on your condition and objective, use the power of internet to increase your knowledge and above all, self experiment and measure your results! It’s amazing how your body reacts to what you put (or don’t put) inside it.

*Hit me up for a discount and details.

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