Three healthy food philosophies

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Tuesday February 23, 2016

Let’s talk food! The three healthy food philosophies that I share with you today have all made a positive impact in my life. Speak with your doctor about any dietary changes (particularly if you have a health “condition”), self experiment and/or measure your own results.

Unfortunately, doctors generally do not educate their patients on nutrition. This means we should really take control of our own health when it comes to the foods we eat. In following the freedom lifestyle principles, I try to make the right decision for myself to improve my health and make positive change in order to be free of disease and live a long quality healthy life. This means, I need to make some decisions that are not particularly mainstream, nor easy. However, I believe that investing in my health, will bring me to my goals.

When choosing a particular health philosophy, ultimately, deciding the goal and the reason you make that change is important. People may follow a particular way of eating to improve athletic performance, body composition, general health or battle a particular disease or illness.

The three philosophies we discussed today are:

1. Paleo/Primal – Promotes the removal of grains due to the belief that they cause inflammation in the body (a marker of ageing and poor health), but includes lots of healthy fats, vegetables and fruit as well as animal protein (but not as much as you may think). My favorite author on the subject is Mark Sisson. Easy to get used to once you understand. You can find information on

2. TR90* – nutritional food supplement based on latest advances in gene science plus healthy eating plan which stresses the importance of including 30g of protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner coming from protein, vegetables, fruit and healthy carbohydrates. Simple and easy to follow. Find more details on TR90 here.

3. Vegan – Whole-food plant-based diet that includes whole grains, but excludes all animal products including chicken, fish, eggs and dairy. Quite restrictive and hard to follow. However, this is something I am experimenting (slowly) with right now as the health benefits appear to be great. I am currently reading How Not to Die by Michael Greger. He also has a website

You will have to watch the replay to hear all the points we made and I am grateful to all of you who jumped in and shared your own philosophies, asked questions and shot out comments. It’s great to go on this journey with other like-minded people and to learn from each other.

Have a fantastic day and take good care of your health…your body is your vehicle and what you put inside it is crucial to performance.

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