Who is Zora?

Hey there! I am Zora, in my 40s (nearly 50!), a mother of two grown kids, married to an incredible guy for over 20 years and digital nomad. I am a certified sport nutrition coach, have been studying aging for the past 20 years and spent my lifetime reading books, blogs, interviewing, investigating and scouring over scientific studies on what makes us look and feel younger than our biological age. Why? I lost both my parents to breast cancer and heart disease at a young age and decided I must learn how to avoid what I thought was my destiny. In my research I found out that we all have a lot more power over this than we thought. This is why… as well as the fact that I am originally from Los Angeles, so this curiosity is embedded into my L.A. DNA!

I am interested in evidence-based techniques that slow the aging process to defy our age and travel the world looking for clues. I believe in the five pillars (and one bonus!) to slow aging – sleep and stress management, proper nutrition, daily movement, and learning mentally and emotionally. The bonus pillar is BEAUTIFY – all the beauty secrets I have learned during my extensive travels over the last 48 years to more than 50 different countries compiled in one place for you. You can join me on your journey to hack your age in the Longevity Master Plan, a downloadable program to guide you through the 5 pillars of aging in a simple and easy to use format.

Everything we put inside and outside our bodies physically and mentally affect the aging process that is largely under our control. We start aging from the time we are born and there is no one-size-fits-all quick fix to youthful and happy aging. We may not be able to stop the aging process, but we can slow it down with the right techniques to reprogram our bodies to try to avoid lifestyle diseases and improve our healthspan.

Believe it or not, YOUR GENES CAN BE TURNED ON AND OFF to slow down aging.

We can TURN ON the “good” genes to feel and look younger than we are while increasing our chances to prevent certain lifestyle diseases. However, if certain “undesireable” genes turn on, they can lead to fatigue, weight gain, lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, cancer and a shorter healthspan.
Healthspan is how I measure my lifespan in good health. We can live to 100, but starting from 40 on we may live with illness, looking and feeling like crap (i.e. short healthspan) OR WE CAN LIVE THOSE 40, 50, 60+ LAST YEARS WITH AMAZING ENERGY, FREE OF DISEASE and with a biological age much younger than our chronological age.
I am a believer in “pro-aging”, which embraces our age to look, be and feel our healthiest, not necessarily be younger. I am tired of fighting aging and not “anti”-age. Pro-aging is about our attitudes and beliefs. The way we perceive aging can actually influence how we age and may increase our lifespan and healthspan, so it’s worth paying attention to.

Adept to an active and healthy way of life, I aim to stimulate, inspire and motivate you to celebrate life, increase your healthy and happy lifespan, make positive change and pursue a youthful outlook no matter what your age. I empower the modern woman to taking aging in their own hands, slow it down or embrace it by sharing the secrets of longevity I learn from aging populations around the world. We all have the capacity to look younger and feel younger than we are. When I am feeling good, I am more motivated to pursue the things I love the most such as getting outdoors, meeting new people, learning new languages and cooking (this means eating too!).

Hopefully the articles in the longevity pillars will create a spark and help you find solutions adapted to your life to be the BEST version of yourself.

Thank you for visiting this page. Please leave a comment about what you liked and topics you would enjoy seeing. More importantly, keep dreaming, keep learning and keep experimenting with your own mind and body to Defy Your Age!