Zora Benhamou

Gerontologist, nomad & biohacker


"We can biohack menopause for longevity”

Born in 1970, Zora is a gerontologist, nomad and podcast host of the Hack My Age podcast, focusing on biohacking menopause.

As a gerontologist Zora has a comprehensive understanding of aging from a biological, sociological, and psychological perspectives, As she herself approaches menopause, she has harnessed her expertise as a biohacker to empower women in peri and post menopause,  transforming their physiology and menopause experience.

Zora combines cutting-edge scientific advancements and technological innovations with the wisdom of ancient practices, providing women with evidence-based solutions that encompass the best of both worlds.

Her passion for women’s health, coupled with her unwavering commitment to integrating science and ancient wisdom, sets her apart as a true trailblazer in the field. With Zora as their guide, women embarking on the menopausal journey can embrace this transformative phase of life with confidence, vitality, and an empowered sense of self.

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A gerontologist and menopause coach


2014: women's health work

Started working as a health coach for women to transform their body composition with longevity hacks. Completed Dr. Stacy Sims Menopause for Athletes course and the Menopause Method by The Institute of Bioidentical Medicine.


2021: breathwork certified

Certfied as an advanced breathing coach with the Oxygen Advantage program


2022: graduated from USC

Graduated (with my daughter) summa cum laude with a Masters of Gerontology from the University of Southern California & winner of the Master’s Student Award

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