Adrenaline Dominance & Bioidentical Hormones – Dr. Michael Platt

Dr. Michael Platt clears the confusion on bioidentical hormones and what this can mean for women going into menopause.

We also talk about adrenaline dominance. You may have heard of estrogen dominance, but this is very different.

I first heard Dr. Platt on Dave Asprey’s podcast in 2019 and I was very intrigued by what he said about progesterone. I had a client dealing with fibromyalgia, so I was eager to share the information on how progesterone may help. And we will talk about this too.


Dr. Platt is board-certified in internal medicine and has been practicing since 1972! This was back in the day when doctors spent an hour one-on-one with their clients.

He’s watched the whole medical system evolve over the last 5 decades. He even used to work in elder care medicine as a director of 30 nursing homes in Los Angeles, which made him appreciate the importance of preventative medicine.

He is really well known in the health and wellness circles around the world for his research on progesterone, adrenaline dominance and bio-identical hormones. Some of us call them human identical hormones too. He wrote 3 award winning books about it all:

Adrenaline Dominance – A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness

The Miracle of Bio-Identical hormones

The Platt Protocol for Hormone Balancing

Dr. Platt is now the director of the Platt Wellness Center in Rancho Mirage, California (or is it in Palm Desert?).

Over the last 40 years in his practice, Dr. Platt has been helping his patients overcome conditions that many doctors say are impossible to cure….like bi-polar disorder, fibromyalgia and ADHD. He has helped tens of thousands of people with their health issues and live full, happy lives.

Now you may be wondering why this man knows so much about women’s health. Well, he delved into the world of hormones after his own mother died prematurely of breast cancer at only 61.

If he only knew then what he knows now… I also lost my mother prematurely to breast cancer when she was only 57, so this is a topic that is of huge personal interest…particularly as I get closer to menopause.


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