Airway Hygiene – Clean Your Lungs Like You Wash Your Hands – David Edwards, PhD

My guest today is someone I had the pleasure to meet over 25 years ago and someone I have been blessed with to have as part of my life ever since. I have been watching him evolve and create unbelievable things that actually matter to the planet since I was in my 20s.

It’s an honor to have Dr. David Edwards on the Hack My Age podcast…25 years later!


David Edwards is a Harvard researcher who, I remember around the 90s was researching and designing inhalable medicines and vaccines that could be delivered to the lungs instead of taking a pill or shot. It sounded so sci-fi to me at the time. But he did it.

As long as I have known him he has always been working on new ways of improving human health and wellbeing through the air we breathe as well as so many other modalities.

In the late 90s he founded and eventually sold a startup called Advanced Inhalation Research (AIR), So, you can see he has been involved in the respiratory system and treating infectious diseases through the airways for quite a long time.

For 18 years, David was the Professor of the Practice of Bioengineering at Harvard University in the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences and later transitioned to Associate to lead the startup of FEND and support the startup of the nonprofit Next Breath.

in 2004, he was studying how to protect people from one of the most horrible, airborne biological weapons of our time: anthrax.

He is now one of the world’s leading respiratory health scientists and today is on a mission to help all of us breathe and move about safely during this pandemic with what TIME magazine has called “The best invention of 2020”, FEND, and we talk about this really cool gadget today.

David’s been recognized by many international organizations and has received an incredible number of honors and awards. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering in the US and in France, he’s also a member of the National Institute of Inventors, and a Chevalier of the Arts & Letters by the French Ministry of Culture.

 He loves writing. He gets up super early while we are all sleeping to write. It’s a real passion of his. You can check out his recent book Creating Things That Matter, which won a 2018 Nautilus Book of the Year Award.

I can go on and on about David, he’s done so many brilliant things and he is a true inventor creating a ton of other cool stuff, which we won’t get into, because my focus today is his latest invention, FEND and airway hygiene.

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