Thursday, February 25, 2016

Meet raw food expert Angie Lam in Hong Kong on today’s episode of #ZoNutritious. She’s only one of three certified raw food specialists in all of Hong Kong and the only Chinese raw food expert here.

We were fortunate to have Angie agree to share her experiences and secrets of clean living. She and her husband Chris lead the freedom lifestyle and both have understood the importance of investing in your health. After over 10 years of living as a vegetarian, Angie converted to the raw food movement and has been reaping the benefits of clean eating, which not only gives her incredible health and beauty, but anti-ageing properties benefits too…and it shows.

Watch the replay for Angie’s tips, hints and explanation on the benefits of a whole-food plant-based diet to learn more. You can also find Angie on Instagram at RawMeTofu, Facebook at RawMeTofu, YouTube at Angie ShowMuse and email:

Biography of Angie Lam:
Raw food instructor/consultant
Private vegan chef
Health detox coach
Health product specialist
Antiaging consultant
Dental Hygienist

Angie is one of the pioneers of the raw food movement in Hong Kong. As a vegetarian for over 20 years, She often shares her low GI and gluten-free nutritious gourmet raw food with mass media and at public events. Her fun and interactive teaching empowers people to regain health and achieve anti-ageing effects by incorporating living raw food into daily diet and adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Profile :
A well-known certified raw chef / health detox instructor in Hong Kong, Angie Lam graduated from Pure Joy Culinary Academy, a renowned raw food institute in the US. Angie gives frequent interviews and is often featured in local newspapers, magazines, TV and public events. She was even invited to consult and host the first Raw Food Festival in 2014, setting the trend of the raw food diet and healthy eating in Hong Kong. As a private chef and health consultant for celebrities, she helps people look younger and feel great by incorporating living, low GI and gluten free superfood into the daily diet and adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Angie published the first bilingual raw food recipe book “Raw in the City” in 2015. The book became so popular that the first edition was sold out in two months. It is no surprise that her book was then nominated for the Hong Kong Golden Book Awards in 2015. Furthermore, due to her expertise in raw food cooking, Angie was also invited as a celebrity guest on ShowMuse, a web-based teaching video channel endorsed by Science Park.

When it comes to promoting healthy eating and building a business in the health & wellness industry, Angie Lam is no stranger. She co-founded and brought quality superfood products directly from Mexico, Peru and Southeast Asia. Direct trading not only benefits the growers and consumers, but also minimises the carbon footprint. With a big vision of spreading a healthy vegan lifestyle, she partners with Green Monday to deliver educational talks and conduct demonstrations in different locations, including mega Japanese department store SOGO, CitySuper supermarket chain, and others. Angie has been invited by the U.S. Consulate of Hong Kong and Macau to design a vegetarian menu for the consulate cafeteria, in aid of their promotion of a healthy diet. In addition, she is also the spokesperson and product specialist for La Tierra Organic, Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre and Excalibur Dehydrator.