Are Stems Cells Good or Bad? Benefits & Risks For Back Pain in Menopause

Dr Jeffrey Gross

Today we are talking with Dr. Jeffrey Gross who treats patients on a daily basis with stem cells for their back injuries, hip and knee osteoarthritis, shoulder tears and all the other joys that may come with aging and menopause.

Dr. Gross studied biochemistry and molecular cell biology at U.C. Berkeley. He decided to become a neurosurgeon, but then shifted his career into regenerative medicine. So now he focuses on treating athletic injuries of the spine, hip, knee and shoulder at the leading edge of the biological sciences so he can help people to depend less on their pharmaceuticals or avoid surgery if it’s not all that necessary.

He founded his regenerative medicine practice called ReCELLebrate in Nevada in the US where he activates our own stem cell health to heal our bodies and prevent other health issues down the road.

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