Are You Feeling Like Sh*t? Here’s a Biohacker’s Guide – Tony Wrighton

Today we have a very special guest who is actually a celebrity! Maybe you’ll recognize his voice as a presenter on Sky Sports in the UK.

But today, he is putting on his biohacker hat and share with us “How to stop feeling like shit” and put the energy back into our batteries. He wrote the book on it. It’s called “When life is a bit meh…you need energy”.


Tony wrote a book on energy, because he needed it for himself after he got really ill while on holiday in the Philippines. He promised himself that if he could hack his health and energy, he would share it with the world in a podcast.

And that’s what he did. You’ve got to listen to Tony’s podcast Zestology. It’s amazing. Over the last 6 years he has interviewed nearly everyone worth knowing in health, medicine, science and wellness from all around the world. Like Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey, Aubrey de Gray and Wim Hof to name just a few.

The main purpose of his podcast is to help you find more energy, vitality and motivation in life. I have learned so many great health tips from him, found out about cool new biohacking gadgets and even supplements I never heard of before.

I love Tony’s honesty in his biohacking experiments and really appreciate how he shares when things go wrong too. It’s not only rainbows and unicorns in the biohacking sphere.

Although people may know about Tony’s TV day job, they may not know that he wrote 3 other books before this new one. They’re all about NLP. He’s a master practitioner himself in Neuro-linguistic Programming, which he explains to us today.

And one last thing you may not know about Tony. He is histamine intolerant and has created a whole website around it called and hacked this as well.


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