Breathing To Control Stress & Ice Bathing To Ignite Your Divine Feminine Powers – Breathwork Instructor Bob Soulliere

Bob Soulliere and I talk about using our breath to change our mindset, find our lost voice, gain more energy and vitality and find our inner feminine selves.

This may sound more like the job of a woman, but it’s a guy. It’s a guy who has worked with many women and can connect with them using the breath to restore their inner power, take control of their lives, improve their mental health and sports performance and fully experience the beauty in every moment in life.

The testimonials we hear from his female clients are overwhelming. Listen to the end!


Bob has gone through many training programs to learn his skills. He trained through the Wim Hof Method, the Buteyko Breathing Method, and, like me, the Oxygen Advantage program.

He is from Alexandria, Virginia and through his company, Breathe Your Power, he trains calm effective presence through breath, mindset, cold exposure, and other a few other controlled stressors. Yep, he gets you in the cold.


Website: Breathe Your Power


Instagram: @breathe.your.power

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