Registered holistic nutritionist Sandy Kruse shares how chronic stress affects our thyroid health, how to identify thyroid dysfunction and then, what we can do about it.

Sandy is not your ordinary nutritionist. She is uniquely trained in that she’s studied many scientific fundamentals such as pathology, chemistry, anatomy plus a real deep dive into symptomatology, which totally comes in handy for our talk on thyroid issues today.

What also makes her really special is that she is trained in how the body, mind and spirit all connect, this is where the “holistic” comes in. She has been working for many years helping her clients, who are mostly over 40 years old, reach their health goals, which ranges from gut health, hormone balancing, lowering inflammation and thyroid health.

Today’s talk about thyroid and stress is particularly close to Sandy, because she has faced her own battle with thyroid cancer, which she also shares.


All advice in this podcast is for educational purposes only.  See your own practitioner for what’s right for you.


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