Don’t Make This Mistake For Heartburn & Leaky Gut – Joni Laiho

Today’s guest is a real pleasure for me to have, because Joni Laiho and I have become Friends through a biohacking Whatsapp group organized by Vitalz.

The moderator of the group is a pharmacologist who is creating an algorithm based on our data. He gives us scores and advice, especially ones related to supplementation. We all have our opinions, questions and advice, but Joni always had great things to share and the coolest research posts in the chat proving that he knows his stuff.

We then got to meet in person at the Biohacker Summit in Amsterdam just last month. He is not only smart, but he touched me as a very kind person who genuinely wants to do good in the world and make a positive impact on people.

I learned that he’s so on top of the research because he has been a nutritional supplement formulator for 15 years and has designed many award-winning products that are on the market. Because of his own personal story, he is especially interested in supplements that enhance gut health. He is now the founder and CEO of Thera Nordic, a company that is solely dedicated to gut health.

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