Facial Yoga Exercises Truths & Myths, How To Choose A Program & What Can Go Wrong – Natalia Broberg

Today we will be talking with face yoga specialist Natalia Broberg on the truths and myths about this new trend that is sweeping social media. She will explain the science behind her techniques, what we need to be aware of, what not to do and how to implement a successful regimen into your daily life.

Natalia Broberg is the founder of the wildly successful Instagram page Fit Faces. She is a highly-qualified face trainer who makes her clients not only look their best, but feel their best in a completely natural way.


Natalia Broberg is the founder of the wildly successful Instagram page Fit Faces. She is a highly-qualified face trainer who makes her clients not only look their best, but feel their best in a completely natural way.

After having two kids, a stressful business and a nervous breakdown, Natalia decided to turn her life upside down and decided to become the most highly-qualified natural beauty coach out there.

She helps women AVOID and CORRECT stress-related aging changes on their faces, bodies and minds that she herself experienced back in the day. NATURALLY.

She is also the first English-speaking teacher of a very unique Face Yoga program that has been successfully tested on 185 people, which has delivered results similar to surgical face lifts. Her technique is the only one that I know of that is highly recommended by doctors from the Research Medical Center “Gerontology” in Moscow, Russia.

There are a lot of gimmicky face yoga YouTube videos online that have no evidence based research behind them. Natalia has found an anti-aging system that is proven to work not only on the face, but on your whole body and mind as well. And she is sharing it with us on her platform Fit Faces.

Natalia has over 100 thousand very loyal fans on Instagram and has already trained over 5000 students with the Fit Faces method.


  • Natalia is evidence based and was looking for the science behind a good facial yoga method.
  • She wanted to go deeper and become certified. She then started teaching.
  • Her method comes from plastic surgeons.
  • Approved by the Research Medical Center “Gerontology”.
  • 185 people in the study was convincing (see attachments).
  • Based on theory proven by French plastic surgeon Dr. Claude Lelouarn.


  • Muscles in  the face tend to tense as we age.
  • Misconception that muscles in the face get weaker as we age.
  • Muscles in face are different than muscles in the body.
  • Muscles in the face are connected with one end of the bone and the other end is on the skin This is how we create facial expressions. Ex. Nasolabial fold.
  • Raising eyebrows contracts the muscles, it shortens, pulls skin upwards and creates wrinkles.
  • We overuse the muscles, the tension becomes permanent in older faces. It’s not from gravity.
  • Saggy faces are happening for many reasons, and tension is one reason.
  • Cause of the tension is positive and negative emotions.
  • Stress ages us inside and out and increases the wrinkle formation.
  • Get the full explanation of how skin ages here.


  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Returns the muscle to the natural length and lessens wrinkles
  • Increases blood circulation and lymph flow to eliminate toxins
  • Helps to fight negative response to stress.
  • Also helps to fight negative response to stress in life, apart from aesthetics (e.g. may stop grinding teeth at night)
  • Muscle mind connection


  • With stress we shrink and tense the body leading to the “11 lines” (between brows)  and grind teeth, this is where it usually stops, but we can reverse this
  • When we relax the body and the face it sends a signal back to the brain to chill out and relax.
  • By working on the muscles you look your best
  • Fit Faces method also helps you combat your inner stress


  • You cannot hurt yourself and you can reverse any damage
  • There are a variety of schools
  • Some are good out there, but others tone and tighten facial muscles and this is not the proper approach and can make things worse.
  • When you go into natural methods, think logically if you’re tightening or relaxing the muscles


  • Skin has the ability to bounce back
  • Even in older age, facial exercises increase blood flow and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. We tone indirectly.
  • Facial exercises increase the nutrients going to the cells.
  • Need to go deep and rub the muscle, not superficially rubbing the skin.
  • Improves lymph flow and eliminates toxins from the face
  • A Russian study shows that you must really pull for a long time. Small touches will not make an impact.
  • If muscles hurt while you massage it, it means that it is tense and the pain will reduce with time.


  • Gua Sha for the body bruises the skin and is very painful…but effective
  • Gua Sha for the face is more gentle and pain free. It removes excess fluid from the face that works with muscles without bruising.


  • Lots of damage so superficial results will take longer
  • Prevention is always easier
  • Look at Laura who worked for 1 year. Massive jowls, double chin. (see attachment)
  • Older adults cannot expect massive results in a few weeks.
  • Need to do a little each day. 20 min is all you need, but you must be disciplined to do it daily.
  • It’s never too early and never too late


  • Take a before and after photo to see the difference.
  • We don’t notice the changes over time.
  • Try to catch the same light


  • Improves skin quality
  • Inner glow
  • Be careful if you have severe acne, do not do Fit Faces
  • Rosacea serious case, don’t do Fit Faces
  • Autoimmunity or cancer don’t do Fit Faces
  • If it’s a hint or pro-rosacea it will help fight it.
  • Life changing benefits


Fit Faces does not work if you are:

1.     Doing it wrong

2.     Not going deep enough

3.     Not long enough

4.     Some people see results in a week and some take a year

5.     Also, need to work on your head. If you’re negative, nothing will change on the face.


  • Important to work on yourself and your mental health.
  • Upset people will have a different set of wrinkles than a positive person


  • Extra classes (Zora is featured too!)
  • Affirmations
  • So much more than facial exercises
  • 7 Day free trial. CLICK HERE
  • Full access to first week of exercises and additional courses made by women for women
  • Meditation coming soon
  • Every month new content in the app


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