Fasting, Sleep & Diabetes in Older Women – Dr. Satchin Panda

It is a true pleasure and honor to host Dr. Satchidananda Panda aka “Satchin Panda” today to talk about circadian rhythms and fasting and how this affects women living with diabetes.

But what we discuss is relevant for just about anyone, whether or not you have diabetes. We discuss the topics in his new book The Circadian Diabetes Code.


Dr. Panda is a professor at The Salk Institute in California, where his lab researches circadian rhythms.

His is at the forefront of research in four major areas that are relevant to healthy aging. And these can be summarized as “nurturing the circadian clock, clocking the drugs and drugging the clock”.

And this offers a new and really unique approach to preventing, managing and even reversing chronic diseases.

Dr. Panda’s groundbeaking discoveries which has made him most famous are:

1. His discovery of a blue light sensor in the retina of the eye which has led to human-centric lighting to optimize our sleep, our mood, and even our brain function.

2. He discovered that eating within an 8-12 hour window, called Time-restricted eating or intermittent fasting, can prevent or reverse chronic diseases and increase healthy lifespan.

3. He is also known for circadian genomics studies in primates, which have identified the dosing of the majority of FDA-approved drugs that can be optimized to the right time of the day to reduce the negative effects of the drugs and improve their efficacy.

4. His lab, along with several others, has demonstrated that drugs targeting circadian clock components are a multi-solving approach to treat chronic diseases, including liver disease, cancer, and the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease.


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