Five Must Eat Foods For An Easier Menopause

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne is a bestselling author and a medical biophysicist who is a great educator to millions. Dr. Sarah believes the key to improving public health is scientific literacy. She makes us aware of the harm of healthism, diet culture, dogmatic misinformation and predatory marketing so that we can make the most informed choices.

What you may not know about Dr. Sarah is that she is also a very dedicated mother, she loves to cook, she is an artist and she even enjoys to perform stand up comedy!

Dr. Sarah’s latest project is Nutrivore. This is a website where we can find a positive and inclusive approach to dietary guidance, based in science and devoid of dogma, using nutrient density and sufficiency as its basic principles. We discuss exactly what Nutrivore is and how this applies to a woman going through menopause and learn about the top foods to include in our diets to help us ease into the menopause tradition as smoothly as possible.

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