Hair Dusting – A New Way to Heal Your Locks


I don’t know if you are like me, but I cannot stand when I start to see split ends start forming in my hair. Healthy hair free from frayed, split ends is one of the keys to looking young and awesome. If left alone, split ends can travel up the shaft and result in prematurely aged hair that doesn’t respond to hair treatments and is prone to further damage. No, thank you!

Unfortunately, remedying split ends usually means losing some length every couple of months when you have your split ends trimmed at the hairdresser. If you’re trying to grow your luscious locks, you may have to make a tough choice between healthy hair and long hair.

Thankfully, those might not be your only options anymore. An old hair cutting technique known as hair dusting is coming into vogue again, and just might be your ticket to youthful looking hair without sacrificing length!

What is Hair Dusting?

Hair dusting is a technique that allows you to remove only the damaged tips of your hair, without having to cut large swathes of length. It somewhat resembles velaterapia, a Brazilian hairdressing technique which involves using a candle to burn and cauterize split ends, leaving hair not only free of fraying but also more permeable to nutrients and moisture. However, while velaterapia carries with it the risk of damaging healthy hair with the open flame, hair dusting is safe and may be very healthy for your hair.

Hair dusting involves cutting less than one-fourth of an inch of hair. The resultant clippings are small and look more like dust rather than the trimmed strands you’d normally see on salon floors – this is where hair dusting gets its name.

Hair dusting requires very sharp, high-quality scissors and a skilled hand, which is why it’s often best to leave it to the professionals. A stylist performing a dusting will first smooth out the hair to reveal the bad ends. After that, they’ll cut off the very bottom of the hair strands, exactly where the frayed tips end. It’s a lengthy process, but it’s worth it.

Hair dusting can be applied with the same regularity as trimming your hair. It’s recommended that you go every few months, but this will vary depending on how much trauma and stress your hair goes through. Everyone’s treatments and daily activities will be different, so the amount of hair care they’ll need will also be unique.

Do-it-yourself Hair Dusting

While hair dusting is best left to the professionals, it’s not impossible to do it yourself.

First, ensure that you have the right tools for the job. A sharp pair of shears that is primarily intended for haircutting is paramount to getting the job done. Normal scissors aren’t sharp enough and may cause even more split ends.

Divide your hair into segments that are more or less the same width. At each segment, take a one-inch section and examine it for split ends. Cut away less than a quarter of an inch whenever you see split ends and clip it off to a side when you’re done.

Take note that if you haven’t dusted or otherwise cut your hair in more than 6 months, you really will need to go for a full trim, as your ends may be worn down and the split ends may have traveled far up the strands.

If you want to learn more about hair dusting, check out this DIY tutorial on YouTube:

Does it really work?

Well, this may be something that you just need to try yourself. When I asked my HongKong hairdresser Emmanuel Faipoux what he thought about hair dusting, he was not convinced. Emmanuel believes it is more healthy to just trim the hair the minimum amount to keep your locks lengthy and healthy. Personally, I would still try it and see how it goes. Why not? There is nothing to lose other than a few split ends.

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