Heart Disease Facts Cardiologists Don't Tell Menopausal Women

Dr. Elizabeth Yurth

Dr. Elizabath Yurth is now appearing for the fourth time . She is truly passionate about educating people with the latest and greatest information in medicine. Our previous episodes covered osteoarthritis and joint pain, hormone therapy for women in menopause, mitochondria 101 and fatigue, and today we are going to cover the truths and myths of heart disease and cholesterol…all in the context of a woman going through menopause. Links to the past episodes in the show notes below.

Dr. Yurth is best known as a regenerative andanti-aging doctor who has helped hundreds of women just like us solve joint pain, menopause problems, inflammaging and just get back to our balanced and energetic selves.

She is even trained in cellular medicine. In 2006 she co-founded The Boulder Longevity Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Go to boulderlongevity.com and you can read all about her background as a double board-certified doctor in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation AND Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine and all the fellowships and academies she is a part of.


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