Hong Kong Causeway Bay street market


February 15, 2016

What a fantastic day at the Hong Kong Causeway Bay street market. Together we discovered all kinds of weird and wonderful things that are sold at this wet market from jumping shrimp to a frogs.

I normally explore the Wan Chai street market with you, so it was a nice change to scope out something a little different. The Causeway Bay street market in Hong Kong is not as big as the Wan Chai wet market, but the streets are a little wider, so we have a little more breathing room.

It was amazing to see the fresh seafood, such as the shrimp jumping out of their aquariums and the live frogs stacked on top of each other. These are certainly scenes that we are not used to in the west and can be a bit shocking when you see them for the first time. We ran into friendly shopkeepers, yet the fish monger caught our hearts (and a few screenshots!) when he stopped for a silly pose with his oversized hanging fish head.

We started out the 20 minute scope with a chance to win a Hello Kitty tumbler I got from last weekend’s scope at the Hello Kitty Cafe. Our winner @JamieSpenner in Las Vegas posted the most screenshots on his Twitter wall and tagged @thedreamscoper. We will have more fun challenges like this, so stay tuned!

See you tomorrow as we move the ZoHo Show featuring John Ho from our regular Wednesday morning time slot.

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