Hong Kong shopping: Lee Tung Avenue & wet market


Thursday January 27, 2016

Walking down the newly reconstructed Lee Tung Avenue in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong we discovered lots of new shops and cafes that replaced the traditional wedding card printers that were originally on this street formerly called “Wedding Card Street”. The area also includes a newly developed private housing residence.

We popped into a lovely tea shop where we were introduced to exotic flavours of teas such as rose and lemongrass. The shopkeeper was kind enough to let us taste the many different assortment of teas they have on offer.

We also got to pop into the Benefit make up shop where we had a little chat with the young salespeople who shared a little about themselves and were excited to have a new customer in town. Did you have a look at the salesgirls eyes!? Dark contact lenses are all the rave in Hong Kong and make your eyes look huge.

Alinka (@Alinkanike98) asked me to step into the Pandora store, but not long after I set foot in the store, I was kicked out. Not all shops understand the value of Periscope, or want their shop to be filmed, so we must be respectful and leave. Sorry Alinka!

So, we headed to the wet market (outdoor street market) where we discovered how the locals shop and smelled some of the delicious dim sum and treats on offer for lunchtime. It is exciting to see all the fruit and vegetable on display and discover something new together. We also saw some thing that you probably would not see in your own local supermaket, such as chicken feet and goat head. I am wondering if this is a wave goodbye to the Year of the Goat. What’s next…monkey brains?

Thank you for joining us on this wild adventure and I look forward to seeing you in my next scope tomorrow. See what’s coming up next.

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