Is Osteoporosis Reversible?

Dr Doug Lucas

Have you done a bone density test yet? If not, you will want to hear what my guest today, Dr. Doug Lucas says about that and osteoporosis. We discuss why women going through menopause need to be more attentive to this problem and what we can do to prevent or maybe even reverse it. If it’s not too late.

Dr. Lucas is a double board certified physician He did his foundational training at Stanford University and then started a traditional orthopedic surgery practice in Durango, CO. But after just 5 years in this traditional medical model Dr. Doug decided he needed to get a second fellowship and board certification in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine so that he can take a different approach to treating people’s problems. And that’s why he started Optimal Human Health MD (OHH).

His work led him to his expertise in metabolic health, hormone optimization and bone health, because so many women were having problems in this area. So he gathered his knowledge alongside experts to create the Optimal Bone Health MD, which is a sister company that shares resources focusing exclusively on bone health.  

He believes that osteoporosis is a disease that requires a comprehensive approach to recognize WHY you are losing bone and then reversing those causes.

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