Menopause Disparities: How To Advocate For Your Perimenopause Self

-Stephanie Shaw

Today we talk about empowering yourself on menopause so you can ask your doctor the right questions when you are going through the menopause transition.

Stephanie Shaw gives us the right tools that she has used with her clients that are effective and simple. Stephanie is a health & wellness speaker and the host of the “Hello, Hot Flash.” Podcast, which, you can guess, is a show, like mine, dedicated to a woman going through the menopause transition. Stephanie loves to educate and has transformed her journey of overcoming a challenging two year illness of her own into a thriving nutrition coaching and online menopause-educator career. Stephanie has two holistic nutrition certifications and a Masters of Science from Northeastern University.   She helps her clients manage their hormones, take control of their weight, get their energy back, and slow down the aging process.

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