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Dr. Stephanie Estima is the Founder of Hello Betty. This is a community centered around female empowerment through health AND business coaching. She is a doctor of chiropractic with a special interest in metabolism, body composition, functional neurology, that means brain health, and female physiology.

She is the Host of the Better! Podcast With Dr. Stephanie, which is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. She has a great sense of humor, seems to guess ahead all of my questions, and she can break down the science in terms we can all understand and remember. And she has pretty amazing guests that are some of the world’s leading voices on health and wellness.

Dr. Stephanie is the creator of a very female-centric ketogenic protocol called The Estima Diet, which helps women regulate their hormones, burn fat and get off their meds during the menopause transition.

Her book “The Betty Body” helps women jumpstart their metabolism, revive their libidos, rest guilt-free, and elevate their emotional wellbeing. Something we all need in our menopause years and exactly what we are going to dive into today for you.

She also has a great series of online programs to take your learning. See the links to them below.

5 Blood Tests All Women Need



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