Corporate Wellness Seminars

Corporate wellness speaker Zora Benhamou explores the relationship between employee wellness and corporate success. She helps to elevate your work team’s physical and emotional health, reduce health care costs, boost employee morale and improve productivity in the workplace.


Corporate wellness speaker Zora Benhamou explores the relationship between employee wellness and corporate success. She helps to elevate your work team’s physical and emotional health, reduce health care costs, boost employee morale and improve productivity in the workplace.

Corporate Wellness Seminars are 50 minutes with a 10 minute Q&A, and can occur before, during or after the work day. Available in a single session or as a series, seminars can be customized to any organization’s health goals or addressed to specific disciplines or management teams.


Attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the effects of stress on personal and work success.
  • Recognize the importance of taking care of all aspects of their health.
  • Develop strategies to manage stress.
  • Learn how the foods they eat affect their cognitive skills
  • Get creative new habits on how to move both in and out of the office.
  • Sleep better to perform better.
  • Clear the confusion on the nutritional and health advice.
  • Gain a better understanding of their own mental health.


  • 50 minute slide show presentation plus 10 min Q & A
  • Follow up email with recommended tips and answers to burning questions
  • Free downloadable guides based on the topic of discussion



  • BIOHACKING MENOPAUSE – Learn the basics of peri and post menopause and how to hack the negative symptoms to elevate this important transition to the next level and stop skipping days off of work.
  • SLEEPLESS IN THE CITY – Discover how sleep patterns affect the aging process and how to get to the root cause of sleep disorders with the latest evidence based techniques. Learn factors that contribute to the quality of sleep and why deep restful sleep slows aging. We will examine thought patterns and explore techniques to get your body and mind in a state of deep relaxation and to promote positive thinking.
  • IS STRESS MAKING YOU SICK? – Understand the mechanisms of both physical and mental stress and how integrating a state of relaxation can heal illness and optimize your healthspan according to the latest research. Experience breathing techniques to release stress, reduce brain fog and bring mental calm and clarity.
  • BEATING OFFICE SUGAR CRAVINGS – Stop craving sweets and get back to work with focus, energy and productivity. Turn your office environment into a healthy and supportive environment for all.
  • OFFICE MEALS – FATS OR CARBS? – Clear the confusion on which source of fuel is best for our bodies and minds for optimal cognitive function and physical wellbeing.
  • WHAT THE HECK DO I EAT AT WORK? – Ideal sources of food in the morning to boost energy without wasting time, to avoid the mid-afternoon slump and keep you going even after work hours.
  • WORK TRAVEL HACKS – Learn how to prepare for your trip, beat jet lag, use your hotel space and environment to squeeze in exercise and other useful tips when traveling for work.
  • OFFICE HEALTH HACKS – How to create healthy habits from waking in the morning before hitting the office, during office hours, corporate lunches and dinners, to after office hours.
  • BEATING JET LAG IN THE CORPORATE WORLD – Discover what to do before, during and after your work trip to give you the best chances for optimal performance.
  • MOVEMENTS TO LAST A LIFETIME – Appreciate the importance of movement from a biochemical, hormonal and neural perspective. Understand the latest scientific research exposing the type of training proven to turn back the body
    clock. Learn which movements are the quickest and most effective ways to improve strength, tone and functionality to live a life free from tension and stiffness for now and the future.
  • SLOW TIME TO SHARPEN THE MIND – Discover how your brain ages, how to measure this process and then learn key things you can do to slow and even reverse your Alzheimering brain. Understand the important role your DNA plays
    in supporting – or undermining – your cognitive health, and come to know more about the universal key promoters of brain health. Let yourself be challenged on how to keep your brain and mind young and active.
  • SKIN AND THE CITY – Understand how city pollution affects aging skin. Learn which ingredients in our personal care are causing accelerated aging and how to reduce these toxins. Effective and natural beauty tips for clearer and younger skin helps us to create a better skincare routine. Discover which trends are worth checking out and how new genetic science is revolutionizing our skincare.
  • NUTRITION BOOTCAMP – Clear the confusion on dieting, food philosophies and discover the most effective ways to burn fat. Understand nutrigenomics and how food affects our aging genes and DNA. Get the 5 top foods that are most effective to fat loss while preserving your youth.
  •  TO FAST OR NOT TO FAST?  – Clear the confusion on intermittent fasting to slow aging and burn belly fat. Learn what is a myth and what's the truth on fasting while discovering if fasting is right for you.
  • BURN THE FAT WITH OUR HORMONES  – Our hormones can bring us down or lift us up. Learn how to balance our hormones to burn fat and live a long healthspan in a strong and stable body free of disease and illness. Understanding our hormonal balance in a gently scientific way motivates us to implement practical tips to gain control of our health.
  • KITCHEN DETOX TO REVERSE AGING – I will share with you my tips and tricks to get the kitchen in the right order and how to replace (or simply enhance) your favorite meals. I am not one to demonize foods or food groups and prefer to find a way to include our favorite dishes into our lives and our kitchens without compromising our healthspan and/or body composition.
  •  DINING OUT TO SLOW AGING  – Discover my 10 secret hacks I use when I eat out to keep my telomeres long and DNA protected. Understand how to keep our meals balanced, which types of restaurants to choose and how to “translate” a menu to hack your age and stay on track with your weight management goals.
  • HOW TO SURVIVE CORPORATE HOLIDAY EVENTS – Managing holiday events in the corporate world to work in your favor despite the temptations to eat, drink and be merry.
  • COOKING DEMONSTRATIONS – easy to prep meals to take to the office. Contact me for the menu.


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