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Primeadine® is food-derived spermidine and contains naturally co-occurring polyamines, spermine and putrescine. Spermidine inhibits 9 of the 12 hallmarks of aging, the pathways down which you age, and induces autophagy, or cell renewal.

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Primeadine® by Oxford Healthspan is the purest spermidine supplement on the market, with zero fillers or flow agents.

Their formulation provides you with 1mg standardized spermidine, tested in every batch to guarantee you are getting the same amount in every capsule.

To prevent oxidation and the presence of potentially rancid omega 6’s, the wheat germ extract is defatted and, again, tested for purity and potency.

They have also added a special type of maltodextrin that acts as a prebiotic fiber and resistant starch that will selectively feed the fuso- and bacterioides bacteria in the gut biome, both of which produce spermidine. The idea behind it is to increase both supplemental, exogenous spermidine as well as your own body’s ability to produce endogenous spermidine. This, I find truly amazing!

Other spermidine supplements may try to cut corners to make manufacturing easier and cheaper by adding talc or shellac. Primeadine® does not add talc or shellac, so rest assured you’re getting a high quality supplement with raw material coming directly from Japan, the country most well known for spermidine in the diet.


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