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Meet my personal anti aging doctor. I first learned about Dr. Lauren Bramley through my clients while I was living in Hong Kong in 2014.

They all raved about her and loved her cutting edge take on their problems. Some of them had arthritis, others had autoimmune disease.

They would show me their protocol and the supplements they were taking and I was impressed. I knew this was not your ordinary doctor.

The only complaint they have is that she is so hard to see. She is always halfway between Canada and Hong Kong.

She is always attending medical conferences, speaking at them, learning and continuing to educate herself to always bring the latest science to her patients.

That’s the trade off. So, my Hong Kong clients are always desperately waiting for her return.

But now with telemedicine, we have new ways to stay in touch and she’s going to share with us today how she is now working around those previous obstacles with a new program she calls The Better With Age Club.


Dr Bramley is a Canadian trained and licensed medical doctor with a focus on functional and anti-aging medicine.

She has a Master’s Degree in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. She has a huge toolbox of “toys” to help us actually get down to the root cause of a problem and fix it once and for all.

She uses bioidentical hormones, genomics, nutraceuticals, peptides and lifestyle hacks.

She is also really well known for her TedxTalk: “Know Your Numbers” where she talked about her philosophy of improving your health by empowering yourself. Knowing your data, interpreting it, understanding it and knowing how to apply it to your unique self.

I remember when I first popped into Dr. Bramley’s clinic in Central in Hong Kong, I was really blown away. It was the first time I saw an anti-aging clinic, but one solely dedicated to reversing aging…not just a side note or afterthought.

It had everything I dreamed of having in medical care. She has an in-house laboratory directly on premise where she can get all her testing done accurately and quickly. It’s amazing and it’s been there for over 20 years.

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The Better With Age Club

Dr Lauren Bramley


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