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Rachel Varga

Do you care about how your skin looks and feels? Then you’re going to love this conversation today with Rachel Varga who is a Double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. She’s been in the game for a while with over 20,000 procedures performed under her belt. Plus, she’s got a top rated podcast all dedicated to biohacking ourselves to become more radiant called, what else?, The Rachel Varga Podcast.

Rachel trains plenty of other physicians and nurses. She is also a celebrity skin expert who has been featured by other big time biohackers out there like Dave Asprey and JJ Virgin.

Rachel isn’t just about the superficial stuff. She actually has taken a deep dive into research and has published 5 academic papers and is an executive board member and peer reviewer for the Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing Journal, and a regular contributor to the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing.

Rachel is so sought out in the world of aesthetics, because she is one of the first to combine functional anti aging techniques, biohacking and modern medical aesthetics by teaching us how to tune into what the skin is really telling us about our internal health and what to do about it. Rachel educates and inspires women to enhance radiance by slowing cellular aging using her Holistic SCIENCE of BEAUTY method at

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