Rewind The Body Clock & Hit Reset At Any Age – Train With Joan MacDonald

Our guest today has been the most anticipated so far.

When I announced that Joan McDonald of Train With Joan is joining us for this podcast recording, the response was overwhelming. Everyone loves Joan!


With over a million and a half fans on Instagram, Joan is rockin life in her 70s. But it wasn’t always that way.

Joan is now 75 years old, but only 5 years ago was on medication for high blood pressure and acid reflux, had terrible edema in her ankles, her arthritis was extremely painful, and she couldn’t even walk up and down stairs without having a hard time. She was tired, emotional, and desperate for a change.

Then one day her daughter Michelle, who is outright amazing herself, came to her in tears and told her mom that she had to make a choice.

She said that if she continued on this path she was on she’d end up even worse off, and probably on even more medication.

And then, in true mother daughter style, she asked her mom to start training with her. Michelle is a professional body builder and knew exactly how to take care of her mom. And luckily Joan said yes.

Five years later, here we have a brand new Joan full of vitality and strength looking forward to her future and inspiring millions of people to do the same.

She’s showing us that there are no limits, no boundaries and we can make a new life, a new body, a new mind and a new outlook on life no matter how old you are.

So, today we are going to learn how Joan did it and what it takes to reverse the body clock.

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