Skincare Industry Truth & Choosing Safer Products For Older Skin – Rachel Pachivas

Meet Rachel Pachivas – a very well-informed professional from the skincare industry who educates us on everything we need to know about organic skincare, harmful chemicals, & the skin care industry in general to find effective & safe products that older women can use.


Rachel is the Chief Operating Officer from a really fast growing skincare company called Annmarie Skin Care. Since 2012 she has expanded the business while keeping the culture totally aligned with their values.

Her main roles are behind the scenes operations–product research & development, branding & style and budgeting. Part of her job is to increase awareness and education on organics and chemicals in the skin care industry.

Rachel is very well traveled and while she was in Australia, she learned about organic farming and permaculture, natural skin care, herbs and natural medicine.

She eventually landed at Annmarie Skin Care, which is the perfect fit for her. She was impressed how they created an organic and wildcrafted skin care with the goal to move chemicals off of the shelves and out of the industry.

She reveals what really happens in this multi-billion dollar skincare industry.


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