Sleep scientist Dr. Amy Bender shares her tips on how to optimize sleep during times of stress, particularly during this pandemic where stress, anxiety and mental health are compromised.

Dr. Bender shares the latest science coming from her research as well as other studies to show us how sleep affects suicides, immunity, heart attacks, perceived judgement, telomeres and more. She follows up with science backed techniques that are effective to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and improve your deep sleep scores for recovery, mental health and performance.


Dr. Amy Bender, holds a masters of science and PhD on Experimental Psychology and works with athletes. She’s also an athlete herself. After her Ph.D., she did a Mitacs post-doctoral fellowship with the University of Calgary and Centre for Sleep and Human Performance, which is one of only a handful of places specializing in sleep with athletes. She’s now the senior research scientist at Calgary Counselling Centre studying the impacts of sleep interventions and mental health.


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