Sleepless in Hong Kong

Sleepless in Hong Kong



How is your sleep affecting the rate at which you age? Learn how your genes, hormones and lifestyle are affected by the way you sleep and discover how good sleep hygiene can support healthy aging. Clear the confusion on how much sleep you actually need, when to seek help and how to optimize sleep to look and feel younger than your biological age.

Did you know that the amount of sleep and type of sleep we get affects our hormones, how we make decisions, how much fat we burn, how much patience we have for our friends and loved ones and so much more? In this 1 hour power talk, I give you the quick fixes to optimize your sleep and reboot your DNA, detox your cellular network and improve your health BIG TIME. 




Let’s meet at Balance Health either Tuesday November 20th at 12:30pm OR November 21, 2018 at 7:00pm!

In this power hour cover:

  • What is optimal sleep
  • When you need to see a specialist
  • Real easy tips to improve sleep that don’t involve medicine or supplementation
  • How to boost melatonin production…naturally
  • How to burn belly fat while you sleep
  • $155.99 (HKD) for this age reversing session + downloadable sleep enhancing recipes

This event has very limited seating. Reserve your spot ASAP on Eventbrite now!.




Zora Benhamou from is an American born expert on aging. She is a UCLA graduate, certified health coach, ambassador to the number one medical retreat Clinique La Prairie, nutrition consultant to the women’s England Golf team and fitness instructor. Zora is founder of the anti-aging website, author of Eating for Longevity and creator of the Longevity Master Plan – a comprehensive online guide to looking and feeling younger than your biological age.

Zora has been studying aging for the last 20 years, writing, researching, interviewing, practicing and investigating scientific studies on aging and longevity in over 50 countries, having lived in eight of them. She has held talks on body composition, nutrition, health and aging in Spain, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Zora offers practical and insightful tools to slow aging and optimize your healthspan – the period of time free of disease, feeling healthy and in your prime.


Balance Health is your health oasis in the middle of busy Hong Kong; a place where they can support your and your family’s journey to a healthier and happier life.

Balance Health is a natural health clinic offering an alternative to the conventional treatments, as no single system of medicine has the answers to every medical problem. As one of Hong Kong’s earliest natural alternative clinics, Balance Health has supported thousands achieving health and well-being in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

By integrating the principles of conventional and complementary medicine their international team of therapists is able to take a broader view – lifestyle, nutrition, emotions, behaviour patterns, and beliefs. Health and wellness is more than simply the absence of pain. Balance Health offers alternative therapies to provide the body with the opportunity to heal naturally, making it stronger and less susceptible to illness and disease.

Whether you have health issues and want to facilitate your healing process or are just looking for a moment to escape your busy life: They connect you to practitioners to offer treatments tailored to your individual wishes and needs.

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