Stop Night Waking, Sleep In Silence With Quieton – Janne Kyllonen

Our guest today will help you sleep better. He is passionate about getting a good night’s sleep and is going to give us some great tips on how to do this.


Janne Kyllonen is from Finland and knows a lot about sleep because he needed it so much while he was traveling across multiple time zones.

One day while he was traveling to Beijing after an exhausting flight, he was at the airport and found a very interesting gadget. It was called Active Noise Cancelling headphones. He tried them on and noticed silence all around him in the middle of a massively busy airport. And he came up with an idea…that he could make them even better.

So he came up with Quieton. I am so excited to talk about these noise canceling headphones first of all, because no one on the biohacking circuit has really discovered them yet…so remember, you heard it here first.

And second of all, because I now no longer have these microawakenings when someone in my bed snores or a church bell rings at 2am. Absolute silence.

I can’t take all the credit for finding Quieton. It’s my biohacking bestie Magdelana of Magdalena’s Secrets on Instagram who posted about them.

She was telling me what a miracle they were for her. Magdalena has no vested interest and nothing to sell.

So I believed her. So now I put them to the test. And to be honest, even though the buds are microscopic I didn’t like something in my ears.

I go back to Magdalena for some explanations and she said to give it a few days and adjust the size. And she was right. It was perfect timing too because I happened to be in a new place, a new bed and a new city that had a church bell ringing every hour on the hour…and a neighbor who I could hear going up and down the stairs in the middle of the night.

When I finally gave it another go, I had a really great nights sleep and just laughed when my husband complained of the church bell and neighbor again. I heard zero!

So, enough raving about Quieton, I want to introduce Janne so we can talk about sleep in general, give you some tips and answer some questions about anything anyone puts inside their ears to find some silence.

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