The Best Menopause Diet & New Weight Loss Hacks

Karen Martel

Today’s guest is a perfect match for the Hack My Age podcast. She is a woman going through the menopause transition herself, she helps women in this phase of life AND she knows a ton about hormones and managing the unexplained weight gain some of us get in menopause. My guest today is Karen Martel. 

She is a Certified Hormone Specialist, Transformational Nutrition Coach, and authority on women’s weight loss. Karen is also the host of the amazing women’s health podcast The Other Side of Weight Loss, where she unravels the enigmas of female fat loss and hormone imbalances. Karen went through her own health challenges, so she understands what you may be going through and has created a revolutionary approach to women’s hormone health and weight management. 

She goes beyond the regular advice of diet and exercise, even disrupting what we think know about weight loss. Her true passion lies in supporting women during the transformative peri and post-menopausal phases, as well as guiding them to overcome weight management obstacles. You’re going to love this conversation and I know it will help you!

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