The New Longevity Super Agent Spermidine – Amy Lamotte & Leslie Kenny

Biohackers Leslie Kenny and Amy Lamotte share the latest research about a new longevity super agent called spermidine.

This clinical nutritionist, researcher and health coach explain everything you need to know about spermidine, autophagy, if it comes from sperm or other sources and what you need to know about supplements before you buy.


Leslie Kenny is a certified health coach, patient advocate, Harvard & Berkley graduate, sexologist and founder of Oxford Healthspan, a nutraceutical company promoting a healthier, longer life for everyone.


Amy Lamotte is the Managing Director of Vallotte Nutrigenomics Limited in Hong Kong. She is a clinical nutritionist and researcher specializing in personalized nutrition, nutritional genomics, nutrition for anti-aging, circadian biology, and the microbiome.

She has a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition (summa cum laude) from the University of Bridgeport and a J.D. from Yale Law School.

These are my two biohacking besties who I have become closer with through our passion for biohacking for older women and health optimization. And we’ve all become closer through our growing interest in spermidine too!

These two amazing women are paving the way in the biohacking space with their knowledge, experience and love of science. I am so fortunate to have them in my life and very grateful they have taken the time to share their knowledge with us today.


Amy Lamotte has a masters of science in nutrition and is not a medical doctor. This discussion and presentation provides scientific education and nothing on it is to be construed as medical advice or as a substitute to medical advice.

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  • First heard about it from a scientist from Oxford Science Innovation.
  • The scientist knew about Leslie’s autoimmune condition and recommended to meet with Katja Simon Professor of immunology. Leading expert in autophagy and the immune system.
  • The researchers explained how spermidine helps with inflammatory and immune conditions in mice.
  • Leslie realized the anti aging applications and looked at the 9 hallmarks of aging from a study by Linda Partrige et al. in Nature 2020.


  • Spermidine hits 6 of 9 hallmarks of aging (red)

1.     Eroded telomeres (short telomeres = short life) NEW!

2.     Epigenetic changes (poor gene expression)

3.     Impaired proteostasis (protein degradation)

4.     Mitochondrial dysfunction (energy systems down)

5.     Stem cell dysfunction (can’t repair regenerate)

6.     Impaired intercellular communication (cells can’t help each other function well)

7.     Genomic instability
8.     Deregulated nutrient sensing
9.     Cellular senescence

  • NAD is great, but hits only 1 hallmark of aging.
  • Hallmarks of aging are important if we don’t want to age faster than “normal”.
  • Health begins at the cellular level.
  • Blood pressure, for example, is a symptom of what has gone wrong at the cellular level
  • Root causes of aging start at the cellular level.
  • Hallmarks are examples of what causes aging and more may come out, such as heart beats. How it seems humans are born with a certain number of heart beats.


  • Spermidine is a polyamine – a molecule that’s positively charged and has several amine aspects. It’s necessary for cell growth and regeneration.
  • Polyamines are important in areas where there is a lot of cellular turnover.
  • A polyamine is a derivative of an amino acid.
  • Spermidine or polyamine tests are not available…yet.


  • Leslie worked with Denis Noble, a famous emeritus physiologist in Oxford who was given a fax copy of thirty 1,000 year-old longevity scrolls by Empress of Japan, who was a pupil. Three of the scrolls had to do with longevity. One of them spoke about seminal retention.
  • Sperm and spermine protect DNA in seminal fluid.
  • Scrolls are based on ancient court practices, which (among other things) emphasized seminal retention.
  • As you look at practices, seminal retention may benefit the man because it induces autophagy and it enhances its own internal cornucopia for cellular renewal.


  • Spermine hits only 1 hallmark of aging, but spermidine comes together with spermine.


3 ways polyamines are made in body:
1.   We make them endogenously – body can convert amino acids into a polyamine and then into spermidine. Body knows whether you need one or another.
2.   Microbes in the gut also make spermidine. Intestine Is one area where its important and for the lining of the intestines.
3.   Food – polyamines are a component in some foods.

  • 1/3 spermidine is made by our body
  • 1/3 from microbiome
  • 1/3 from food depending on diet. Asian diet high in polyamines


  • Spermidine from ejaculation may be good for the receiver, not so good for the giver.
  • 15mg – 50mg spermidine in one ejaculation.
  • Normal dosage of spermidine from supplements is 1mg.
  • Seminal retention is important for men as they age.
  • 2/3 of spermidine needs met by the gut and as we age these areas falter.
  • As men age it is more “expensive” physiologically to manufacture it and lose it.
  • This may be why ancient Daoist and Chinese court physicians would recommend to arouse yourself, press the perineum and squeeze the buttocks and retain it so it can reabsorb into the body to recirculate it. Must be aroused!


  • Rapamycin is an immune suppressant is the only known other compound that comes close to spermidine in terms of hitting the hallmarks of aging.
  • Not everyone can take rapamycin.
  • Autophagy is much more complex than we hear about in biohacking circles.


  • Indirectly has an influence on senescence and other hallmarks of aging.
  • Senescent cells are “zombie cells”.  They just hang out and increase inflammation and not doing the job they are supposed to do. We need to rid them and autophagy does this.
  • It’s easier to take spermidine to trigger autophagy.
  • Listen to the podcast on Autophagy
  • Only a small percentage of the population will make use of other ways to trigger autophagy (fasting, ice bathing, sauna use, exercise) and this leaves a large part of the population who cannot take advantage.
  • Using a supplement is a way to get higher compliance. Once they see the benefits they are more likely to practice other healthy habits.
  • Spermidine works particularly well even if you don’t have the healthy foundation in place first.


  • Database of registered clinical trials will show latest research.
  • University of Hannover Medical school showed spermidine enhanced telomere length.
  • Daily there is new research, but mostly in mice.
  • Associational study showed that spermidine increases mitochondrial respiration in neuronal tissue, it’s the opposite of what metformin does.
  • It improves hippocampal function and memory in animals.
  • Some human data comes from the beauty industry as this is food derived.
  • Spermidine production of skin collagen and elastin. You can mix the capsule in with your serum topically. It helps stimulate collagen. Follow @magdelans_secrets to see how this works.
  • Any part of the body that has high cellular turnover like hair and nails will see results with spermidine.
  • Spermidine helps keep hair follicles in the growth phase and melanin sites for pigment.
  • Reports of fingernails longer and stronger. Eyelashes longer and thicker hair.


  • Source of spermidine created by Leslie Kenny.
  • Zora has received good feedback from those she is recommending it to over the last 6 months.
  • Older adults are the majority of clients.
  • Younger people don’t need it as they should have already optimized their own spermidine.
  • Primeadine is more appropriate for those over the age of 40 and the best results are found in those 50+
  • Kaja testimonial: She is in her 30s and she sees improved sleep.
  • Amy has also had improved deep sleep scores and efficiency scores when tracking her sleep.
  • Leslie may take spermidine in the evening when she needs to stay up for work until 2:00am. Her deep sleep shifts and she still benefits.
  • Deep sleep is when the glymphatic system works, which is responsible for carrying out waste from the brain. This is particularly important for older adults and for older women who are at higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Spermidine is also good for jet lag.


  • 2021 Study in animals showed spermidine responsible for differentiation of T cells
  • Promoted T regulatory cells.
  • Helps modulate the immune system.
  • Particularly important for those with autoimmune disease.


  • Lipophagy is autophagy of lipids (fats).
  • This creates an anti-inflammatory response.
  • Important for autoimmune patients.
  • 2021 study fed mice a high fat diet and put spermidine in drinking water. It lowered fat mass and improved glucose intolerance and brown adipose thermogenesis (fat burning mode).


  • Primeadine contains FODMAPs. In those people who have bacterial overgrowth or leaky gut or pre-dispositioned to gastric upset who are bloated with vegetables may also feel bloated with primeadine.
  • FODMAPS are prebiotic fibers that feed healthy gut bacteria, but like vegetables, fiber can cause bloating in those not used to it.
  • For those sensitive to vegetables and FODMAPS: Start with one capsule and then increase to 2 or 3.
  • Heal and seal the gut first before taking spermidine and vegetables.
  • Don’t take all 3 on own without food.
  • Day 1, take 1 capsule with meal preferably dinner.
  • If no gastric upset, take 2 capsules on day 2.
  • If no gastric upset, take 3 capsules on day 3.
  • Or go slower until gut is able to handle 2 or 3 capsules.
  • Primeadine is the only spermidine supplement that has prebiotic fibers. (fructooligosaccharides) to enhance your own body’s ability to produce its own spermidine. Depends on your gut.


  • No other spermidine supplement has a prebiotic.
  • None ensure that raw materials are manufactured in a FDA registered and inspected facility that adheres to ISO 22000 food safety standards, encapsulating in an FDA registered facility in the US.


  • Celiac disease patients.
  • Gluten sensitivity may be ok. Case by case basis. Talk to your health practitioner.


  • When does autophagy occur?
  • We don’t really know and varies from person to person
  • No test available currently outside of lab to test autophagy


  • People with thyroid issues cannot fast – they get hangry and feelings of hypoglycemia.
  • Spike in reverse T3.
  • T·3 is a thyroid hormone that is bioavailable and gives you energy.
  • Reverse T3 is when there is a famine, shuts the engine down, because there is no fire to burn and may result in sluggish metabolism and weight gain.
  • Spermidine is a better alternative to those who have thyroid issues and cannot fast.


  • We know spermidine induces autophagy, but when it happens varies.
  • Balliol College (University of Oxford) Symposium featured Professor Tamotsu Yoshimori (Genetics, University of Osaka Medical School) spoke about rubicon. In order to activate autophagy, we need to “cross the rubicon” and that is individual.
  • Guessing: It’s possible that In younger people autophayg may be faster, if you are older it may be longer.
  • We can see something changing physiologically and we see it in our hair, nails, eyelashes and skin.
  • We also see it in deep sleep.
  • Later, some people see weight loss.


  • Some on the first night.
  • Nails and eyelashes in the first 6 weeks.
  • Lipophagy may also occur.
  • Should see results in 3 – 6 weeks with 1mg of Primeadine per day.

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