Three New Hacks To Reverse Gray Hair

Faraz Khan

Biohacker Faraz Khan of Anti Aging Hacks is going to give us 3 new and unique ways to reverse the grays.

We had Faraz on the podcast a couple times before. First we spoke about hacking scars and skin. Then we met again to talk about how to hack thinning hair. Faraz always has really great new biohacks and has become quite the expert on skin and hair.

Faraz Khan is a former computer scientist turned longevity educator, speaker and biohacker. He started this journey into longevity and anti-aging when he first saw his parents literally age before his eyes.

So Faraz went from helping large media, entertainment, pharma and life sciences companies to helping everyday people like you and me beat back some of the unwanted signs and symptoms of aging. He launched his podcast “Anti-Aging Hacks” in 2019, where he interviews the top minds in longevity, anti-aging and health.

Through all these amazing interviews, his personal research and experience Faraz delved further into why hair starts to turn gray and has armed himself with science-based tactics to not only grow better hair and more confidence, but now how to beat the grays

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Hack Thinning Hair

Biohack Scars And Revive Aging Skin

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