World’s largest silk indoor mural

great motherland of chin

February 19, 2016

The world’s largest silk indoor mural at the Hong Kong Island Shangri La hotel extends 16 stories high. It is so long that you have to ride the Bubble Elevator to see it. The Bubble Lift is a glass elevator that rides up 16 floors starting at the 34th floor and ending at the top where you can also get a beautiful glimpse of the city skyscrapers at the VIP lounge.

The largest Chinese silk indoor mural titled “The Great Motherland of China” was created by 40 artists at an art school in Beijing and consists of 240 panels (10 panels across and 24 panels tall). It took six months to create and depicts China’s landscape of rolling mountains, steep cliffs, roaring waterfalls and winding rivers as well as the famous Great Wall of China.

We had a fantastic ride up and down several times catching a good glimpse of the mural from my fish-eye lens. We then had a quick peek of Hong Kong’s skyline from Shangri La’s top floor VIP lounge. The weather wasn’t its best, however we still could see as far as the rolling hills of the New Territories.

Thanks for popping into the scope today on this short Hong Kong adventure! See you tomorrow!

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