Youth Preservation Tips for a younger, healthier and more vibrant life that may just extend your healthy lifespan.

I like to take a “wholistic” approach to youth preservation to bring more vitality, quality and longevity to the years I spend on this planet. I believe that we cannot just do one thing that will magically work on all areas of our life. I combine good quality sleep, meditation, proper nutrition, regular exercise, life purpose and many other approaches to create a more happy, healthier and meaningful life.

Here are some of my favorite tips that work for me. Bookmark this page to come back and find new ones regularly:

Tip #1 – Create stronger relationships with family, friends, coworkers and other fellow human beings for a longer lifespan

Tip #2 – Play sudoku for a stronger brain to try to avoid diseases like Alhzeimer’s or dementia

Tip #3 – Drink water with juice from one lemon to alkalize the body

Tip #4 – Learn how to breathe properly. Inhale…1,2,3…exhale…1,2,3

Tip #5 – Wear sunscreen with a minimum of 15 SPF during all seasons

Tip #6 – Eat kale. It’s good for you

Tip #7 – Start adding turmeric spice to as many dishes as possible. Or take a turmeric or curcuma supplement

Tip#8 – Stop eating sugar…but if you must, learn which ones have the lowest G.I. (glycemic index)

Tip #9 – Incorporate meditation into your daily life. Thank me later

Tip #10 – Move your body. Move it anyway that you can, I don’t care. Just move

Tip #11 –¬†Motivate your partner or friends to get moving outdoors

Tip #12 – Stand up every 45 minutes.

Tip #13 – Do a one day body detox

Tip #14 – Learn how to cook tempeh

Tip #15 – Eat more eggs and less meat

Tip # 16 – Swap wheat pancakes for protein pancakes

Tip #17 – Combine garlic with salmon to reduce your risk of heart disease

Tip #18 – Swap canned soda for water with lemon, water with cucumbers, water with strawberries or any other combo

Tip #19 – Start exercising or moving outdoors with a friend

Tip #20 – Incorporate fermented food, like natto, kimchi and yogurt, into your daily diet