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Menopause is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Take the menopause quiz to see where you are in your menopause journey and how to hack it.

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Enhance your menopause journey by joining the exclusive women’s only membership group, Biohacking Menopause.

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Biohacking for women in peri and post menopause. Menopause is inevitable, but we can hack it. Optimize menopause and make the transition the smoothest years of your life by informing yourself with unbiased information from a gerontologist interviewing experts in menopause, hormones, aging, biohacking and longevity from all corners of the globe.

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Let me introduce myself

I'm Zora. A gerontologist, biohacker, and menopause podcast host

Introducing Zora Benhamou, a remarkable gerontologist, biohacker, and advocate for women’s health during the menopausal journey. With a comprehensive understanding of aging from biological, sociological, and psychological perspectives, Zora brings a multidimensional approach to her groundbreaking work.

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I am on a mission

to create a thriving online community where women embrace menopause without fear, empower themselves through knowledge, and equip their journey with the means to optimize their biology. No longer will they endure this transition in isolation; instead, they will find strength among a sisterhood of like-minded women.

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