Free Anti-Aging Smoothie Recipes!

These are the most nutrient dense smoothies with youth preserving superfoods that help balance hormones, build muscle, burn fat and put the brakes on aging!

  • How much protein do we really need?
  • What are superfoods and which ones really affect my health?
  • Which ingredients will give me the most anti-aging benefits?
  • How do I make my smoothies richer without compromising on calories, fat and carbs?
  • Which protein powder is best?

Answers to these questions and so many more anti-aging secrets are waiting for you. Here are just a few of my favorite recipes:

  • I Feel Good-Night Smoothie – for improved sleep
  • Chocolate Fountain of Youth – to burn fat and fight inflammation
  • Re-Gene-Rating Matcha Latte – to reset genes to a youthful state
  • Collagen Crazy Coconut Smoothie – for plumper firmer skin
  • Peachy Keen Gut Smoothie – to populate the gut with good bacteria
  • Mitochondria Blast Cappuccino Smoothie – for increased energy and fat metabolism

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