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Reversing Wrinkles and Strengthening Skin Telomeres à la Dr. Bill Andrews – Rachael D’Aguiar

Rachael D’Aguiar is a beauty guru who understands the science of skin and wrinkles and shares with us how wrinkles grow, why they grow, what is accelerating this growth and what we can do to reverse this growth! We are going to geek out a little, so pay close...

Don’t Fall For Middle Age Sex & Skin Myths – Dr. Amy Killen

Over the last several years Dr. Amy Killen has been on the podcast circuit, smashing Instagram and speaking at loads of health conferences all over the world with leaders in the longevity space like David Sinclair and Dr. Sandra Kaufmann. She stands out, because her...

Hack Pre-Diabetes – Craig Burton

Clinical nutritionist and Aussie Craig Burton shares his knowledge on how to recognize if you're pre-diabetic and how to reverse it before it goes into full blown diabetes. ABOUT CRAIG BURTON Craig has over 20 years experience as a health coach, and has achieved many...

Airway Hygiene – Clean Your Lungs Like You Wash Your Hands – David Edwards, PhD

My guest today is someone I had the pleasure to meet over 25 years ago and someone I have been blessed with to have as part of my life ever since. I have been watching him evolve and create unbelievable things that actually matter to the planet since I was in my 20s....

Vaginal Prolapse, Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Health – Kim Vopni

Pelvic floor specialist Kim Vopni is known as the Vagina Coach and she’s disrupting taboo topics to help women all over the world overcome problems of our most intimate parts, like vaginal prolapse and incontinence, which is a bigger problem than you may think. I...

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