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Top Tips For Younger Skin – Gerontologist Zora Benhamou

Skincare for older women is different than for younger women. Understand what the differences are and how to apply the latest and even most basic techniques to your personal skincare routine. We cover pollution on aging skin, the 5 top ingredients to avoid in personal...

What You Don’t Know About Nutrition – Melanie Murphy RD

Holistic nutritionist Melanie Murphy gives us a very interesting perspective on nutrition that you may have never thought of that includes intuitive eating and the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of nutrition. ABOUT MELANIE MURPHY RD Melanie is a registered...

Ageism, Discrimination & Prejudice on Older Adults – Dr. Paul Nash

Gerontologist Dr. Paul Nash explains the latest research and the truth on ageism, discrimination and stereotypes experienced by older adults around the world. He exposes the challenges as well as opportunities an older population may face throughout the years. Now let...

Conquering Food Cravings – Kritika Datt

Certified health coach Kritika Datt shares how we can finally conquer food cravings with evidence based techniques that have worked for herself and her clients around the world. She explains how to interpret cravings for sugar, carbs and salty foods and what we can do...

Aging Brain Hacks with Creative Arts – Maria Ashna

Maria Ashna is a neuroscience researcher, educator, actor and writer specializing in the neuroscience of creativity. She guides us through the science of creativity and how it can hack cognitive dysfunction and dementia as well as improve our mental capabilities....

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