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Sunday March 13, 2016

There is a revolutionary business opportunity we’re excited about and are happy to share with those who are looking for ways to live the freedom lifestyle. We discussed with serial entrepreneur Franck Benhamou the advantages of getting into opportunities at groundbreaking level, the pros and cons of start ups, making money on blog sites and so much more. Of course, as usual, we ended on a philosophical note. We normally speak very generally on the entrepreneurial mindset and how to overcome obstacles in the business world, however, we thought you might want to us to share something more specific, something that you can grasp on to. So, we decided to share a very personal experience that we are going through right now in one of our business projects with AgeLoc Me.

Watch the replay for the full scoop and we hope you learn something new.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, feel free to contact us.

Franck Benhamou is an inspiring speaker with 18 years experience in the corporate world as a general manager in a large multinational company working in many countries around the world. He jumped into the entrepreneurial world in 2000 to create start ups after the birth of his second child prompted him to take a different path in order to see his children grow up and spend time with family, which he places above all. He is a advocate of the Freedom Lifestyle and mentors others achieve this lifestyle. YOU can get in touch to learn more, ask questions or give suggestions for our next show. Take action and contact us now!

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