Top 3 Hot Flash Hacks That Are Most Effective

Ellen Dolgen

Today’s guest educates us on menopause and shares not only what the best tips are for managing hot flashes and nights sweats, but also gives us a very different perspective on menopause.

Ellen Dolgen is on a mission to educate women on menopause and break some of the stereotypes out there. She’s now in her 60s, but she struggled with her own experience with menopause over a decade ago when there was very little information out there. So she spent the last fourteen years of her life to researching and sharing the keys to the menopause kingdom on her website

Her motto is: Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!

Ellen teaches us all about menopause not through the lens of a doctor or researcher, but more like having coffee with a girlfriend.

Prevention Magazine named Ellen as one of the five menopause content creators to follow. Her website and her blog were named one of the “Best Menopause Blogs” by the website Healthline. Ellen was also asked to be one of the first regularly featured bloggers on HuffPost50. She’s even done a series of menopause videos with Kim Cattrall – remember her? Sam from Sex In The City?

Maybe you’ve seen Ellen already on American TV, like The Today Show, NBC Nightly News or The Rachel Ray Show. She also is on radio, so you may recognize her voice from Oprah Radio, NPR or Playboy Radio.

Ellen loves the virtual community where she can reach out to millions of people, but she also loves to see people live in the flesh by speaking at conferences or holding Menopause Monday parties.

DISCLAIMER: Ellen Dolgen does not recommend, endorse, or make any representation about any tests, studies, practices, procedures, treatments, services, opinions, healthcare providers, physicians, or medical institutions that may be mentioned or referenced.

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