What You Dont Know About Menopause Sleep, New Hacks For Nights Sweats & Insomnia

Mollie Eastman

Mollie Eastman is sought out for her expertise, because she has not only dealt with her own struggles with sleep, but she has created a whole business around it and coached many others with her knowledge and expertise. She is the founder of the Sleep Is A Skill website and programs, but she is also the host of the Sleep Is A Skill podcast.

Mollie uses technology, accountability and behavioral change to help everyone optimize their sleep. She is trained in behavioral change techniques from the Nonverbal Group, Beyond Tells and has a degree in Psychology from Syracuse.

And today we focus on the sleep issues women have during the menopause transition like sleep disruptions, you know, those 2:00am awakenings, difficulty falling asleep and STAYING asleep, what about those “4:30am-wake-ups-and-just-can’t-go-back-to-sleep-again” syndrome, insomnia, sleep apnea and so much more. Mollie has got your back and will give us the reasons and thesolutions.


Stop Waking To Pee At Night, Sleep Apnea & Tips From A Know It All Sleep Expert

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