A Novel Way To Cure Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia Without Medication – Kelly Canueto

Today we are having a casual conversation with someone who I find very inspiring in her own experience with chronic pain. We are meeting Kelly Canueto who has an incredible story of chronic pain.


Kelly is from the UK. She is 52 years old and lives in the south of Spain. In her 20s she started to have chronic pain, which developed into chronic fatigue syndrome, which is also known as fibromyalgia. And she lived with all this pain and suffering for 18 years. Six years ago, she found her way out of it, without medication, and is now running races and leading a very active and full life. Literally, catching up on the last 18 years at full speed.

4 Essential books to read

  1. Healing Back Pain by Dr. Sarno
  2. Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery by Georgie Oldfield
  3. The Way Out by Alan Gordon
  4. The Great Pain Deception by Steve Ozanich


  1. Tell Me About Your Pain
  2. The Mind & Fitness Podcast
  3. Like Mind Like Body
  4. How To Heal Chronic Pain with Dr Howard Schubiner




  1. Healing Chronic Pain – Jim Prussak PT
  2. TMS Healing Wall of Victory – Testimonial Block #18 – Rebecca Pattinson
  3. Steve Ozanich TMS Whisperer
  4. Back Pain Permanent Healing by Steven Ray Ozanich
  5. Dr John E Sarno 20/20 with Barbara Walters
  6. Dr Sarno’s 12 Day Reminders
  7. Breakthrough with Healing Chronic Pain – Howard Schubiner
  8. Healing Yourself


This Might Hurt with Dr Howard Schubiner

UK Physio

Steve Robson


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