Bags Under the Eyes – Why We Get Them and How to Stop It!

Who got bags? And I’m not talking about an LV under your arm. Under eye puffiness isn’t usually a problem that requires medical attention, but let’s face it, nobody wants to see bags under their eyes, as they simply make you look older! Is there anything you can do to help reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles under the eyes? – Yes, there is!

I want to take a look at some of the most effective ways to combat the swelling that occurs under your eyes, including some simply awesome skin care solutions, but first, we first need to understand the causes of these unsightly bags in the first place.

  • Your sleeping position can play an important role in the development of under eye puffiness. Sleeping on your back causes fluid to collect under your eyes. Try switching your sleeping position, or add another pillow to raise your head higher. Of course, a lack of sleep is another cause of those pesky dark circles – prevention can be even more useful than a cure, so make sure you’re getting enough sleep!
  • Another condition that can cause problems for certain people is an allergic reaction, especially to specific types of food and seasonal changes. The dark circles under the eyes appear because the skin has become inflamed and touching or rubbing it can make the circles worse. So hands off!
  • Your genes can also play a significant role in whether you are more liable to develop dark circles under your eyes. Most doctors and skin specialists agree that it’s one of the more undesirable hereditary traits we inherit. Thanks mom and dad…not!
  • Self-inflicted unhealthy behavior is another slippery slope to bags under the eyes and puffiness! Smoking dries out your skin and causes irritation around the eyes, leading to dark circles and wrinkled, droopy skin. Alcohol dehydrates your body and the delicate area around your eyes appears dark and pouch-like. As if we need another reason to give up cigarettes and wine.

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Unfortunately, bags under the eyes, as well as mild swelling and puffiness are common problems that increase with age. Basically, the tissue and muscles supporting your eyes can weaken over time, allowing the movement of fat into the lower eyelids. Fluid may also build up, adding to the swelling.

Enough bad news! What’s the good news? The good news is that by identifying particular lifestyle and diet changes, practicing certain facial massage techniques and using effective skin care products, you can begin to combat this puffy-problem and reduce one of the most obvious signs of aging!

As I mentioned above, reducing your alcohol intake and quitting smoking (like… IMMEDIATELY!) are instant ways to reduce eye bag issues, but what else works? – Let me share my favorite ways for dealing with dark circles and bothersome bags:


1. Go Easy With the Salt

The health risks of too much salt are well documented, but while most people realize the potential connection to problems like high blood pressure, over-doing it with the sodium can cause fluid retention that leads to puffiness around the eyes. Try swapping salt for coconut aminos, which has only a fraction of the sodium of table salt. 

Avoid salty foods, and instead, load up on fresh vegetables. Celery, in particular, has a natural salty flavor without the negative effects of eating too much salt. And it also contains potassium, which helps manage high blood pressure – BOOM! A double-whammy of health benefits!

2. Apply Acupressure

Also known as shiatsu, acupressure techniques involve applying pressure on the correct spots around the eyes to improve blood circulation, as well as restore balance, strengthen energy flow and relieve puffiness around the eyes. Try pressing gently on the meridian points of the eye area. I do this every morning while taking my shower and letting my conditioner set.

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3. Cool Things Down

What’s the classic home remedy for tired and puffed-up eyes? Applying chilled used tea bags! Whether it’s caffeine from the tea constricting the blood vessels to reduce puffiness, or the tannins stopping swelling and discoloration, you should try fighting bags with bags! – Simply pop two used tea bags in the fridge for an hour and then leave them on your closed eyes for 10 minutes. Yay! Another good reason to buy green tea.

Other cool methods for fighting eye bags include chilled spoons, cold cucumber slices or even a cold compress – whatever you decide to try, make sure it’s nice and cool because it’s the cold temperature that’s doing all the work. Lying there with something cold on your eyelids is also very relaxing, which a makes us look even younger.

4. Use the Right Skin Care Product

Stores are jam-packed with jars and tempting tubes of face creams and serums that promise to diminish dark circles and banish your bags. When you’re researching what will work best for your skin issues, it’s easy to get lost in a world of anti-inflammation, de-puffing and eye-reviving. You can and should spend a little time reading consumer reports and reviews to help you decide. But if you don’t have the patience for that, here are my (and my girlfriends’) three favorite skin care products for puffed-up eyes!

  • Helena Rubinstein’s Magic Concealer – I like this all in one concealer, because it not only quickly covers up eye bags, but also hides dark circles and dull complexions. It is super light and soft. Always apply concealer sparingly and lightly so as not to age the eye contour area and create the opposite effect by highlighting fine lines
  • Nu Skin’s Tru Face Ideal Eyes – This is the only product I know that actually tries to get to the root of the problem. The scientific, anti-aging formula of this silky cream offers both immediate and long-term benefits. I get a smooth, refreshed look as dark circles and eye puffiness fade. Use it morning and night after cleansing and toning
  • Reviva Labs, Eye Complex Firming Cream – This isn’t the latest anti-age technology, but if you like simple ingredients, try this cream that uses botanicals to fight eye bags, diminish the appearance of crows feet and fades away dark shadows. At the unbeatable low price, you can be as generous as you want.

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  1. Steele Honda

    I had no idea that chilled used tea bags can be used to stop swelling and discoloration! I love drinking tea from bags, so I’ve got plenty of materials to work with. I also think that I might need to consider some nice eye cream which can ensure the result or add some glowing effect to my eye skin!

    1. Zora Benhamou
      Zora Benhamou

      Both the tea bags and a quality eye cream will help. Do you need any recommendations for the eye creams I have tested?

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    Thanks for sharing to such useful article. Very helpful for me. I am suffering from eye irritation and was looking for such kind of remedies. The above tips helped me to get rid of my eye irritation.


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