Biohacking Love, Sexual Healing and Blocked Relationships in Midlife – Anna Lindfors

We have another sexy podcast today talking about all things related to love, sexual healing and relationships with my new friend Anna Lindfors. We met through the biohacking community and finally got to meet in person at the Biohacker Summit in Amsterdam last year (2022) where she gave the most powerful talk on female sexuality.


Anna is young. She’s still in her 20s and some of the older women in my community question whether they will resonate with her. I can tell you. I am 52 and love what she has to say, which is why I invited her to share what she knows.

As a gerontologist, we disrupt ageist stereotypes and we can learn a lot from any person at any age. And we know that wisdom does NOT come with age. It comes with experience and Anna has had experiences that count for a lifetime. I am sure you will hear it in her voice.

Anna is a Sexologist, Psychologist & Specialist in Sexological Therapy for preventive healthcare using something she calls bio-harmonization and of course, biohacking. Anna had her own health challenges, which she will share with us, but she biohacked herself into remission and reconnected with her sensuality that empowered all aspects of her life.

She is also the co-author of the book ‘The Resilient Being’ where she writes about building resilience through processing trauma, learning how to build secure relationships and connect with sexual energy.

“This podcast interview is not therapy and if listeners want individual advice they can book a private consultation with Anna.”


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