Bioregulator Oral Peptides, Telomere Extension & Slower Biological Aging – Dr. Bill Lawrence

Today’s guest will teach you something new. Dr. Bill Lawrence talks about his clinic trials on bioregulator peptides. If you don’t know what a bioregulator is, you will once we get done and you will thank Dr. Lawrence for exposing this incredible molecule to you.


Dr. Lawrence used to be a lawyer. He has a Law Degree from UCLA (my alma mater!). He is also a successful businessman who decided to turn his life, and perhaps fate, around with an interest in living longer and better…

So, he ditched the business world and delved head first into science and the world of nutrition coming out with a Ph.D. in Nutrition.

Since 1990 his focus has been on slowing and reversing human biological aging. Along the way, he has developed a lot of science-based optimal aging practices for health professionals and individual clients.

Optimal aging is very different than “normal healthy aging” and we will explain what this means in the interview.

Currently, Dr. Lawrence is the administrator of two clinical studies in collaboration with Dr Vladimir Khavinson of the Saint-Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology to see if human biological age can indeed be reversed.

We learned all about Dr. Khavinson in my first episode on bioregulator peptides with pharmacologist Phil Micans, so I encourage you listen to that episode as well.

By the way, Dr. Lawrence is chronologically 75, but his ‘biological age,’ based on telomere length is now 35.

I invited Dr. Lawrence to share his first presentation on Telomerase Activation Protocol (TAP) and some of the results he is finding so far in the studies he started 4 years ago with two more years still to go.

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2 thoughts on “Bioregulator Oral Peptides, Telomere Extension & Slower Biological Aging – Dr. Bill Lawrence

  1. Tanis Zutz

    Is Dr. Lawrence looking for test subject still?

    1. Zora Benhamou
      Zora Benhamou

      Yes. He is still open to this. However, he is only accepting health practitioners at the moment. Please send me an email to and I can connect you if you are.


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