Brand New Supplement Solutions for Women in Midlife – Dr. Sandra Kaufmann

Today’s guest is one of my favorite….and based on your feedback from our first interview on brain health, your favorite too.


Dr. Sandy Kaufmann is THE coolest expert on anti-aging and someone who just “gets us” women who are over 50. Because she is one of us. She doesn’t accept ageist stereotypes and is carving out her own path to aging.

She literally wrote the book on it, called the Kaufmann Protocol – Why We Age and How To Stop it. In that book she gave such an easy to follow, informative and entertaining look at the aging process and then explained the protocol she came up with using molecular agents (a.k.a. supplements) to slow this process down.

And now a new book is coming out called The Kaufmann Protocol – Aging Solutions where she covers 28 brand new agents that you probably have never heard of and how to use them in your aging protocol to reverse and slow aging.

Dr. Kaufmann started her career in the field of cellular biology. She got her Master’s Degree from the University of Connecticut in Tropical Ecology and Plant Physiology.

And then she turned to medicine, and got a medical Degree at the University of Maryland. And for the last six years she has been the Chief of Pediatric Anesthesia at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Florida.

Everyone in the biohacking world knows Dr. Kaufmann and outside of this world she’s been recognized as “Best in Medicine” by the American Health Council.

I first heard about Dr. Kaufmann on the Ben Greenfield Podcast and was so blown away by what I heard… I had to reach out to her. Fortunately, she replied to my email and has been incredibly generous with her time.

I love her book, I love her app and use it all as a reference with my clients and community. I just love Dr. Kaufmann and all that she puts out for us.


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Instagram: @kaufmannantiaging

Book: The Kaufmann Protocol: Why We Age And How To Stop It 



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