Chinese New Year prosperity box tradition


February 9, 2016

Kung hei fat choi (Happy New Year!) Today’s scope about the Chinese New Year prosperity box tradition lead the way for many more scopes about the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. #ScopeTeamHK, a group of Hong Kong’s biggest periscopers, organised a day of back to back 20 minutes broadcasts all dedicated to the theme of Chinese New Year 2016 from the traditional lucky lion dance to how to make a festive turnip cake.

I was given a 10:00am time slot to share with my Periscope family the tradition of the Chinese new year snack box, also called the Chinese Tray of Togetherness, which is a round or octagonal shaped swivel tray that includes 8 compartments that are to be filled with goodies. Every family offers their own version of sweets and savory snacks, however, the most traditional items all have an auspicious meaning. This is what I included in my prosperity box Hong Kong style:

Watermelon seeds to bring happiness into the family

Kumquats with the color of gold brings success

Candied bitter melon brings good health

Peanuts are good for longevity

Coconut brings unity to the family and solid friendships

Lotus seeds are for the younger generation who are looking for fertility

Lychee bring strong family ties

Longan fruit brings sons and daughters


prosperity box hong kong

We had a lot of fun discovering what a Chinese prosperity box is all about with many of you playing the guessing game of all of these fun ingredients. You all had a chance to win my Tiffany lai see envelopes and Chinese beard candy by sharing, inviting and taking screenshots to post on your Twitter pages. Congratulations to @megn67, @AGWorldPhoto and @MikeCBHB for the most shares, hearts and screenshots! Your Hong Kong packages will be at your doorstep very soon.

Thank you for joining us. I am grateful to each and everyone one of you for your support. You are all my superstars!

To watch all of the #ScopeTeamHK broadcasts on Chinese New Year and learn more about our team, go to

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