Do You Really Need To Detox & Balance Hormones in Midlife – Dr. John Kim

I have the pleasure to have Dr. John Kim on the show today who is a  functional medicine pharmacist. We met last summer at the Biohacking Congress in Boston and we hit it off.


Dr. John Kim has been in clinical practice for 15 years promoting wellness and preventative medicine. He has jumped into the biohacking space and continues to educate himself at conferences and seminars, then relays the latest science and technology to his patients.

He received his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Rutgers University with High Honors and trained in Functional Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

He now actively lectures throughout the United States and is an influencer within the functional medicine world to educate and empower everyday people to live a healthy fulfilling life.

His message is The Doctor of the Future is YOU – the patient.

Functional Medicine Consultation available to evaluate hormones and toxicity – $89 (normally $636) 30-min


Instagram: @dr.john.pharmd

Youtube: @drkimwellness

Website: Dr Kim Wellness

Mitochondrial cell danger response


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