Don’t Fall For Middle Age Sex & Skin Myths – Dr. Amy Killen

Over the last several years Dr. Amy Killen has been on the podcast circuit, smashing Instagram and speaking at loads of health conferences all over the world with leaders in the longevity space like David Sinclair and Dr. Sandra Kaufmann.

She stands out, because her jam is “Sex and Skin”. Two things we all want to keep glowing as we age. Today we bust some myths and reveal some truths on women’s sex lives in middle age.


Dr. Killen is board certified in Emergency Medicine, but she decided to pivot her career into the field of regenerative medicine and medical aesthetics.

She is now the medical director of a national regenerative medicine physician training course and is well known for her work with Dr. Harry Adelson who came up with the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover. This is one of the most innovative regenerative procedures I have ever heard of. Better than the Bionic Woman.

Dr. Killen has the coolest part of this procedure.  She combines stem cells and exosome injections (don’t worry, she’ll explain this) with light, sound and other energy-based therapies so that you get an incredible regenerative effect on your skin, hair and, of course, sexual systems…and now we can all have “happy endings”.


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